I am glad to welcome you to the website that will help you to improve your time on F2L step.

To understand how to work with this site - watch the video. Found an error or have a suggestion about a new feature - write to me (|).

By using this site:

The basic algorithm of actions:

  1. Choose a F2L pair the solution time of situations you want to reduce.
  2. Retrain algorithms or use yours.
  3. Pass the session for this pair for each slot separately.
  4. Pass the session for this pair for all slots at once.
  5. Repeat items 3 and 4 until you reach a good immaculacy of solving and time.
  6. In the future, in real solves or training, use strictly new variant solutions for situations of trained pair.

Video (Russian language, without subtitles, sorry):

Don't forget that the website is just a connecting link between training and the real solves.

For further improvement F2L use:

Table of levels